¥28,000 ¥40,000

Iconic item represents creativity from Mike Basich and 241. Not only the daring photo design but hood, ventilation, and BOA system in the sleeve creates this highly functional snow jacket. The national patented ONE ACTION FIT HOOD enables simultaneous tightening around the neck and face with just one pull on the draw cord located at the back of the head; easily adjustable hood especially during bad conditions when you do not want to take off gloves. With our originally developed curve waterproof zipper in the ventilations, the shape fits the curves of the body, easily enabling to open and fasten up. The BOA system in the sleeve, prevents freezing and snow from attaching at high altitude as it disables conventional zippers from working, and instead allows sleeve adjustment even in bad conditions. Not only does the design of the snow jacket, but the functions embody Mike Basich's creativity.

Fabric:Polyester100% / Lining:Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane / Leather:Synthetic leather(Front・Back side:Coating resin processing)

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 Size table (cm) L (US/M) XL (US/L)
 Chest circumference 120 124
 Hem circumference 122 126
 Body length 84 86
 Sleeve length 100 103
 Cuffs Inner mouth width 10 10.3

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