¥19,800 ¥33,000

241-WANDERER JKT fully equipped with necessary switching functions, different switching designs before and after
The ONEACTION FIT FOOD 【weight dispersion structure、Ewhich has acquired domestic patent as especially excellent function is carried. [ONEACTION FIT FOOD] which can squeeze face and head circumference at the same time by pulling the draw code of the back of the head can operate quickly while gloving in bad weather. Moreover, by the special structure from the neck to the shoulder, by suitably distributing the weight of the jacket, we realize the comfort of wearing. In addition, special polymer is kneaded in the inner backside lining, absorbing infrared, converting it into heat is increasing the heat retention.

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 Size table (cm) S (US/XS) M (US/S) L (US/M) XL (US/L) XXL (US/XL)
 Chest circumference 112 116 120 124 128
 Hem circumference 113 117 121 125 129
 Body length 79.5 81.5 83.5 85.5 87.5
 Sleeve length 89.2 93 96 99 102
 Cuffs Inner mouth width 9.7 10 10 10.3 10.3

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