¥23,400 ¥39,000
Designing Mike Bashic and 241's creativity, an icon item.
Snow jacket with not only bold photograph design but also fully equipped equipment such as hood and ventilation, cuff's BOA system and so on. The 【ONE ACTION FIT FOOD、Emounted on the hood can squeeze the length and width of the face and around the head at the same time by pulling the cord of the back of the head and can fit the hood quickly and easily while leaving the glove in bad weather I will. This hood structure has acquired domestic patent due to its functionality. In addition, we have placed a ventilation using curved water stop fasteners that we developed independently. This shape fits the curve of the body and has easy opening and closing performance. Furthermore, BOA system is arranged at cuffs, we can adjust the cuffs in bad condition on behalf of the surface fastener which becomes impossible by freezing at high places and adhesion of snow. It is a snow jacket which embodies the originality of MIKE BASICH as well as design as well as functionally.

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 Size table (cm) L (US/M) XL (US/L)
 Chest circumference 120 124
 Hem circumference 123 127
 Body length 83.5 85.5
 Sleeve length 100 103
 Cuffs Inner mouth width 10 10.3

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